a little about me

n a t u r e + n u r t u r e

joined up wrighting was founded by artisan maker colm lynch to pair organic, sustainably harvested woods with found, forged and foraged components to create unique furniture forms that enhance your lived environment.



a b o u t  m e

i can't honestly say that as a young lad I relished every time I worked with my dad - a canny,  old-school Irish carpenter - most Saturdays, when my friends were out gallivanting and generally getting up to no good.  I did, however, find my way around a chisel, a shave, a shim and a chamfer. 

i kept my 'hand in' over the years. Working on this, that and the other project in wood, for family and friends, while doing the old six to eight commute and desk routine. So when the kids fled the nest, time seemed right to return to my first passion, with a renewed vigor.

to this day I love the smell of fresh sawdust in the morning, the satisfaction of a well hewn plank, the infinite configurations of grain and the aesthetic and philosophical contrasts and harmonies created when organic and manufactured are thoughtfully joined.